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Southland - Murihiku / Riverton - Aparima / Fiordland

A region that is world-renowned for its oyster, blue cod and cray fisheries. Pat and Gordon have decades of relevant experience between them and are well-placed to help you find the support or advice you need.

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Local Navigators

Pat Nyhon

Southland - Murihiku / Riverton - Aparima / Fiordland

I started fishing in 1987, crewing on inshore trawl, crayfish and oyster boats out of Bluff. I got my CLM in Dunedin and began skippering a cod, cray and tuna vessel, and eventually ended up with two of my own trawlers, Antares and Cressy. These days, I still operate Cressy myself, trawling from 20m out to 500m. I’ve been a member of the executive committee of the NZ Federation of Commercial Fishermen since 2017.

I’m married, with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Apart from fishing, my hobbies are riding Harleys and spending time with my family and mates.

Richard Langdon

Stewart Island - Rakiura

I began my fishing career at Ward Beach in the 1970s as a bait boy. I enjoyed cray fishing there and at Cape Campbell, but I didn't have the background to be successful.

In 1979, I moved to Stewart Island to pāua dive, left in 1996 and then returned in 2016 for the 50th anniversary of the Oban Volunteer Fire Brigade, taking a job with Southern Seafoods growing oyster spat. I am still growing oysters here today.

I know the black dog well and know how important it is to get the right type of help. I’m also a FirstMate Navigator because I want to give back to the seafood community.

I know how tough our industry can be, and I have plenty of experience in helping people in challenging real-life situations. Hit me up for a chat or advice, if you need it, and I’ll be more than happy to be of assistance.

I look forward to serving the community that has given me a real sense of belonging.

Call 0800 ADRIFT for support any day between 7am and 10pm or email to access the support you need. We also have a growing library of free resources available for you to access on our website.