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Chatham Islands - Wharekauri | Rēkohu and Pitt Islands - Rangiaotea | Rangiauria

Straddling the Roaring Forties, these are islands with significant traditions and plentiful pāua, blue cod and cray fisheries. The team of island-based Navigators, who are well-connected to a wide range of support services, are ready to provide you with any help or advice you need.

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Local Navigators

Hone Tipuna Tibble

Wellington - Te Whanganui-a-Tara / Wairarapa
Chatham Islands - Wharekauri | Rēkohu and Pitt Islands - Rangiaotea | Rangiauria

I'm fortunate to live between Wharekauri & Te Whanganui a Tara with my whānau. Born in Wellington, with 9 brothers & sisters, I was raised in Filly/Feilding until I left Hato Pāora Māori Boys College. Our second home was our marae and from a native speaking father all of us speak Māori. I made my way back to Wellington, where diving for kaimoana just was. I can recall one of my first bosses in a government department said to bring a towel on our way up to our Palmerston North branch. We stopped just before Paekakariki and he tells me we are going to get some kaimoana for the kuia and koroua at the office in Palmerston North. That was the beginning, from diving courses up north at Goat Island to Port Vila through New Caledonia to eventually gathering kai for whānau in the Chatham Islands.

Being raised around a marae with a large whānau and in the hapori/communal environment leads to a community upbringing, one that lends itself well to the fishing community here on the Wharekauri/Rēkohu/Chatham Islands. I've built up a range of skills in my time working throughout the public and private sectors, getting some insight into what goes on behind the scenes of an ever-changing industry. I'm looking forward to being able to contribute to the ocean faring community here on the islands to the best of my ability.

'Walking in the steps of our tipuna, Maui a Tikitiki a Taranga & Kupe the Navigator.'

Iwiroa Wairua

Chatham Islands - Wharekauri | Rēkohu and Pitt Islands - Rangiaotea | Rangiauria

I’ve worked and been involved in the fisheries industry for over 20 years and been a contract paua and kina diver for most of that time, but I also have strong connections to the farming sector.

I was previously a trustee of the Ngāti Mutunga o Wharekauri Iwi Trust and am still on the Trust Board. I’m also a mandated rep on the Chatham Islands Community Fisheries Forum.

I’m actively involved in the innovation side of fishing, through things like working up a kina plan and developing undeveloped stocks.

Tracy Page

Chatham Islands - Wharekauri | Rēkohu and Pitt Islands - Rangiaotea | Rangiauria

I’ve lived on the Chatham Islands since I was 10 years old. My father started fishing when I was 14 years old and I would deckhand for him during school holidays ( I was always seasick lol!). I attended Burwood School of Nursing and then nursed at Sunnyside hospital in Christchurch. I returned to live on the Chathams at 21 and worked in many places: Hotel Chathams, Chatham Packing Company, the meatworks, Te Kohanga Reo , Waitangi Seafoods and Hā O Te Ora Wharekauri Trust (Māori Community Services).

I have 3 children and a wee farm and Airbnb. I love gardening and have a small nursery, I’m passionate about our small community and their wellbeing.

Call 0800 ADRIFT for support any day between 7am and 10pm or email to access the support you need. We also have a growing library of free resources available for you to access on our website.